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Last night someone smashed the front passenger side window of  my car.  The car was parked in front of my garage off the alley.  Nothing was taken although had they looked there were several things of value in the console.  My neighbors car right next to mine did not have any damage and I didn't see any other problems up the alley.

Of course I can't say who did it but I suspect the rental house across the alley from me.  I had complained to the city about the pile of garbage in the alley and yard and the old cars sitting in the drive that hadn't moved in months.  An officer came yesterday and tagged the vehicles and spoke briefly to them.

I called the police after another neighbor saw the damage and knocked on my door. Dispatch took my info but did not send anyone out even though I told them of my suspicions.  I wish they would have at least gone to the house next door and asked them if they had seen anything or asked a few questions.

We have our house for sale just because of the rental across the alley and the house across from us that we suspect is dealing drugs (as we do the house across the alley).  Hate to move as we love our home but the rental next door has been a problem for the 7 years we have lived here and nothing seems to change.  Will miss all the other great neighbors here when we do move.

West Lane

370 19th St SE


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  • linda says:

    We all need to keep our eyes and ears opened, if you see anybody who doesn't belong to this neighborhood, keep a watchful eye..Hopefully they are just passing by..Call 911 and report any criminal behavior immediately...

    November 16, 2008 at 11:49 AM | Permalink


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