Neighborhood Expectations

Posted by Phyllis / on 09/27/2008 / 0 Comments

I would like to see the neighborhood quite once again. A couple of rentals in the area have undesirable people living in them again. It takes the "Homeowners" to communicate to the landlords that it won't be tolerated in our neighborhood, and calling the proper authorities to report the problems-as trash overflow, non operable cars, loudness, and unusual traffic patterns.

Please everyone, grab a pair of gloves and a grocery sack and take turns to help pick up litter which sometimes blows in, kids drop, or gets thrown out of a car. If we don't pick it up, who will?-or should we just wait until it keeps moving on? No Please!

It is illegal to post signs on city property and light poles, at least take it down when it is over, and the nails, staples, etc. How do the linemen like climbing a pole only  to be cut by the nails and staples left behind.

It will be winter soon enough. Please remember the city code requires that our sidewalks must be free of snow and ice after the storm ends. Please respect the people that have to walk, want to walk, handicapped and children going to school.

Please respect thy neighbor to be able to relax as if they were the only one on the block. Please be kind to help thy neighbor to fix his/her projects as yard work-gutter cleaning-painting-shovelling snow, etc. An offer of help goes a long way.


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