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We live on 19th St SE and have many GREAT neighbors except for the house next to us. We are trying to sell our house to get away. We suspect they have vandalized us on 2 occasions. They disrupt Open Houses and make lewd, sexual and derrogatory remarks to our realtor. Our realtor advises a "slash and run" strategy of slashing the house price every 2 weeks and sell ASAP (the nicer the weather the greater the neighbors' disruption). Not sure what to do.

This house is a rental and a magnet for drug dealers and other undesirables who move in, skip out on rent and then get evicted or leave in the middle of the night so others like them can move in.

I spoke to Officer Boeker for some ideas, but I guess not much can be done. It is tragic and leaves you feeling helpless.


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  • Phyllis says:

    I know it's hard to understand, but the practice of running from the drug dealers and undesirables has got to stop. We homeowners cannot let them takeover and win. When reality is, it really is the owner of that property that needs to be addressed, communicated with by law enforcement or code enforcement. I have spoken numerous times with the owner, Sharon Rhodes, of Rhodes & Associates. And honestly, she's all about the money. I last spoke to her on 3-2-09 regarding 7 things in need of repair to that house. Upstairs broken window, spray paint on basement windows, screen is out of front door, one screen on the porch, one screen off the porch, address got ripped off the house, junk vehicles in driveway. Sharon's phone number is 396-2913, if anyone else is interested in calling with concerns.
    Thank you very much for your involement in your neighborhood,

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