372 19th

I just sent this blast:

Well the traffic has been terrible at 372. I have seen non stop cars in the alley for them. Stopping no more than a few minutes then running back to their car. This morning a woman parked in my neighbors driveway to run into 372 and leaving her child in the car. Then later today I heard screaming and saw 2 white men and one white woman fighting with 2 black men from the house. They were fighting over money from what I could understand. One of the black men picked up a large stick. I was just about to call the cops when 3 cop cars pulled up. They checked id’s but I don’t think anyone was arrested. I never saw the 3 white people before but they were very dirty and looked like they haven’t slept in sometime. It is not fair that we have to live like this. It is only a matter of time before someone starts shooting over there. How much longer can they stay? I don’t see any signs of them moving and things are getting worse fast.

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