Don't be fooled by new law!!!!

The Cedar Rapids Police and City Council is considering a new law concerning BB and Pelet guns. The law would require you to case the BB or Pelet gun when you are transporting it. Now when you first see this you think great idea right; but look at it from the criminals point of view. If you are going to go out and shoot out car windows or house windows do you really think this new law is going to stop them from doing this? Of course not!!! The people that do this will still do it if they choose. The chances of a police officer seeing one of these guns uncased without being pulled over is not likely unless they are waiving it around in the car. All this law does is make it more difficult for law abiding citizens to transport their weapons. This law will do nothing to stop the criminals from doing what they are going to do. It will though give the police one more thing to charge to person with when they are caught. I do believe they will be caught. When people do this large of a crime they can't help but tell their friends and then that gets back to the police and they get caught. This law will not make us any safe or less likely to have our windows shot out. What will help reduce this from happening is neighbors watching out for neighbors and reporting fishy cars or people.

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After rereading my post I realized I forgot some important information about the passing of this law. I forgot to make the point that if this law won't stop criminals from doing what they do then what good is the law? It doesn't make sense to put a law in the books if it is pointless in stoping crime. 

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