Please post a reply..What do you fear most regarding what may or has happened in your neighborhood? What changes would you like to see? Include any feedback you think would help in your neighborhood.. What positive attributes are in your neighborhood?  Bever Avenue Venue  :)

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Warm weather and the young kids (girls & boys ,not from this area) roaming the streets & allies after dark. Vandalism, might be from those kids on bikes carrying back packs (wonder what's in those back packs after dark?)

Loud music in cars, & those extremely loud motorcycles.

Junk vehicles that never move.

I would like to see more police patrolling in the allies, do the cars still have spotlights on them? Does it cost more to turn them on or maybe it would offend a criminal? Please use them! And homeowners, protect what's yours-LIGHT IT UP!

The people that were able to buy a home, but can't afford to make repairs, it really brings the property values down. Communicate with your neighbors, get together and see if everyone can pitch in and help that owner.

The good homeowners that get tired of the City depts. not enforcing code violations, and the rental properties that rent to anyone with a guaranteed income & no regards for the neighborhood.

The positives would be that everyone, whether you personally know them or not would be willing to help if needed.

Please, someone else carry on, I could go on and on!



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One of my concerns is parking. I'm told that Washington is a public street therefore anyone can park on it and at anytime. I have issues with not being able to park in front of my house. This really bothers me. Last year there were times I had no place to park on my street at all due to cars from houses on 19th. I'm starting to have that issue again. I do have a garage but we have two vehicles so one must be parked on the street. I also get home very late or early in the morning from work and don't like having to walk a block from my parked car to get to my home. Is there anything or anyone that can help with this issue?



Lou Guin

1833 Washington Ave. SE

You are very true. I have had these same issues at different times with different people. One thing I can suggest is, pay attention to who owns what vehicle and where they live. If they have a garage, but don't use it, communicate with them your parking concerns. ( be polite and explain the situation) because alot of people either don't think or pay attention to anybody else, they may not know it's a problem for you. Communication is everything. Or 2nd suggestion, I'm not sure of the address, but I believe the garage is right beside yours. The house is a rental and am unsure if they use it, but if they don't maybe you could work out arrangements with that owner. And the 3rd thing I have to offer is, pay attention that the vehicles on your street don't sit in the same spot without moving. That is called street storage and is a violation of a city code.

Let me know if you need any help or how things work out.

Phyllis 363-8954

When will disrespect for property and rights of others lead to violence. I think there is only a small step from vandalism to physical injury. Especially when other people's welfare mean nothing. This is my biggest worry.

It is very frustrating. I also think all good neighbors need to unite because it only takes one act of violence to effect everyone in the neighborhood. Remember the pit bull that maued the lady's dog she was walking?

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