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9.11: Cleaning Snow From Sidewalks The occupant of every building, or any part thereof, fronting upon or lying along any sidewalk, or the owner or agent of any unoccupied building or lot or parcel of ground fronting upon or lying along any such sidewalk shall clear such sidewalk in front of or lying along such building or lot of all snow and ice within 48 hours after the snow has fallen or ice has formed . When it is not practicable to take the snow and ice from such walk because it is frozen to the sidewalk, such owner or occupant shall spread some suitable material (sand or salt) upon the same to prevent the surface from being slippery. The failure of such owner or occupant to clean such walk shall not render the City liable to any person for damages, on account of injuries received upon the same. If the occupant or owner of any such buildings or lots fails to comply with this section the City may at once proceed to clear the sidewalks of snow and ice, and may assess the cost and expense thereof as provided by law against each lot, lots or fraction thereof abutting such sidewalk. The costs shall be reported to the City Manager and the same shall be levied and assessed as a special tax, and shall become due and delinquent, bear the same rate of interest and be sold at the same time and in the same manner as provided for other special taxes in the City.

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All of us need to remember our mail ( person ) they deserve a safe path to our mailboxes.. The Fire Dept. Every-one should be responsible to make sure the fire hydrants are visable and clear of any snow, just in case there would happen to be a fire. Does every-one know where your closest hydrant is? Also remember our meter readers, they need to get to the meters safely..Also be sure your house address is visable to law enforcement and ambulance service in case of an emergency, also UPS and of course the occassional Pizza delivery.. Smile

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  • Sun, Nov 2, 2008 8:43 PM

And PLEASE remember the people that HAVE to walk a dog or just walk for whatever reason. My dog Rocky is a fragile little guy when it comes to ice, I'm not ready for another surgery this year. I also am fragile- I HATE trudging through snow and ice.

Just to give a heads-up, I will call the city if walks are not taken care of. I plow snow on the interstate for 12 hours at a time with very little sleep, shovel my walk, mothers driveway, and my friends across  town.  If anyone needs help, just ask a neighbor, we've all helped someone shovel there car out or pushed them out at one time or another. And PLEASE move vehicles to the opposite site of the street for snow removal, whatever side of the street has the most cars parked on, that's usually where I park.

THANK YOU ALL in advance of the winter season.

I don't know about everyone else but if I see a neighbor sidewalk is not clear I will just clear it. I am letting everyone know so they don't feel guilty. I would hate to see someone get a huge bill from the city because their job is busy or they go to visit family during the holidays and they don't have a chance within 48 hrs to get it cleaned. I hope others in the neighborhood would do the same for me, but if not, I do understand. Hope everyone has a great winter and a Merry Christmas.

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  • Fri, Nov 28, 2008 3:49 PM

There's an age difference between everybody on the block, there is a big difference in occupations. I'll say it again that it's my opinion- if I can work 12&16 hr. days and nights plowing snow in Interstate traffic, come home and shovel/de-ice mine. Take care of dogs, cook, clean and go shovel/de-ice two other properties. I don't think it's asking to much for residents to abide by the city code. If someone is planning to be out of town, they should be letting someone know to keep an eye out for their property and if inclement weather arrived, I don't know anyone that woudn't help them out. For years, we shoveled Neumann's driveway, just for the fact that I don't like to walk over snow pack. Every time I shovel my property, I shovel a path through Raphael's just because I have to go around the corner to get to the rest of mine. If Raphael is gone or working too much then we shovel his (no one else in the house operates a shovel) he shovels for us in return.

People of all ages/disabilities use sidewalks year round, I'm asking again, PLEASE keep your sidewalks free of snow and ice this winter.

Thank you in advance of the snow fall,


Hopefully everyone is understanding when we ask that sidewalks are clear of snow, it is for a reason..We all do whatever needs to be done, if someone asks for help we are there for them, Hence please ask for help....No one is going to turn in anyone who is having difficulty with work or vacations and can't get something done on time, thats what neighbors friends and family is for, we don't want anyone to have to be billed by the city either, but if you are going to be plain lazy and be a couch potato and watch it snow or get icy and not do anything, for the people that have to use the sidewalks, then the city will be contacted, it is a safety issue...I for one don't want to be sued by someone because they fell on my sidewalk I can guarentee you it's not the cities responsibility to remove snow and put salt down if it's icy on my sidewalk,  it is my responsibility, It is part of homeownership...If people don't want to take care of their property maybe they should move to a condo... Lets all be safe and watch out for others safety too....LindaLaughing

Edited Fri, Nov 28, 2008 5:23 PM

I have read both responses and I have reread and reread mine. I cannot find any place that I was implying people were lazy or couch potatoes, nor did I imply that it was a bad idea to clean the sidewalks off, I totally agree with keeping them clean. All I was trying to say was that you don't have to ask for help I will just help because that is what neighbors do for each other.  I know for a lot of people asking for help is a hard thing to do. Like myself I get embarrassed to ask for help. (Must be it's a guy thing). I personally don't remember anybody that was just plain lazy last year with cleaning the snow off of the sidewalks. But then again I was working in insane amount of O.T. last year and may not have noticed it. I hope people will understand I am not trying to be negative or imply they are lazy, but rather helpful. I believe to make a neighborhood a great place to live you have to help each other out without being asked

Thanks Brian for being a good neighbor..Smile  That is what makes this such a great neighborhood to live in..Bever Avenue Venue

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