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  • Lawsuit

    Posted by Kim / on 03/28/2009 / 0 Comments

    Does anyone know if a landlord can be sued for lost revenue on a home sale affected by her tenants?

  • Moving

    Posted by Kim / on 03/28/2009 / 1 Comment

    We live on 19th St SE and have many GREAT neighbors except for the house next to us. We are trying to sell our house to get away. We suspect they have vandalized us on 2 occasions. They disrupt Open Houses and make lewd, sexual and derrogatory remarks to our realtor. Our realtor advises a "slash and run" strategy of slashing the house price every 2 weeks and sell ASAP (the nicer the weather the greater the neighbors' disruption). Not sure what to do.

    This house is a rental and a magnet for drug dealers and other undesirables who move in, ..

  • Vandalism

    Posted by West / on 11/15/2008 / 1 Comment

    Last night someone smashed the front passenger side window of  my car.  The car was parked in front of my garage off the alley.  Nothing was taken although had they looked there were several things of value in the console.  My neighbors car right next to mine did not have any damage and I didn't see any other problems up the alley.

    Of course I can't say who did it but I suspect the rental house across the alley from me.  I had complained to the city about the pile of garbage in the alley and yard and the old cars ..

  • Stolen mountain bike

    Posted by clint / on 11/06/2008 / 2 Comments

    On wedsday the 5th my custom made moutain bike was stolen out of my garage between 6pm and 9pm I called the police and filed a police report. I had the bike custom made by a gentleman who builds bikes he is no longer around the bike is a 1 of a kind it is black and blue marble colored has a 23inch frame built for my body would love to have the bike back will give reward for return no questions asked.

  • Neighborhood Expectations

    Posted by Phyllis / on 09/27/2008 / 0 Comments

    I would like to see the neighborhood quite once again. A couple of rentals in the area have undesirable people living in them again. It takes the "Homeowners" to communicate to the landlords that it won't be tolerated in our neighborhood, and calling the proper authorities to report the problems-as trash overflow, non operable cars, loudness, and unusual traffic patterns.

    Please everyone, grab a pair of gloves and a grocery sack and take turns to help pick up litter which sometimes blows in, kids drop, or gets thrown out of a car. If we don't pick it up, who will?-or should ..


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