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Sign posted at residence Bever Avenue Bever Avenue Venue would appreciate any comments regarding this..Thank you, Sincerely, Linda.... Story Created: Aug 24, 2011 CDT ( Story Updated: Aug 24, 2011 at 10:38 PM CDT ) CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa - It's a small sign that's creating a big controversy on the southeast side of Cedar Rapids. Some residents in the 1400 block of Bever Avenue say a piece of paper posted in their neighborhood is inappropriate. The sign is considered explicit to some, but was approved to be put up by the property owner. Bob Courtright lives right next door. The sign is posted on the outside of his front yard fence. "I wasn't real happy with it," Courtright said. The Bever Avenue resident contacted the property owner as soon as he saw it, to see if he was aware. But Courtright soon found out that the property owner was aware it was there, and approved it to be there. "He told me why he did and how he's trying to get attention about what is going on in this part of the neighborhood." Marylan Taylor lives down the street. She said she doesn't care what the reasoning is, it should have been done differently. "There's a much better way to phrase it, a much more educated way," Taylor said. She said she has teenagers in her home who she doesn't want to read the sign. "Use the police force, don't use something like that. It's bound to get a controversy going and it's not going to be a good one." But that's essentially what the property owner, Steve Demeulenaere, wanted. He was hoping that by allowing the sign to be posted it would bring attention to what he says is a big problem. "It was kind of a desperate measure to get someone's attention. If you hate the sign, help us stop the crime," Demeulenaere said. The property owner acknowledged the sign may have offend some people but hopes people are more offended by the actual problem. "It's not nearly as offensive as the crime. If your offended by the sign then lets work together to do something about the crime." He says doing and selling drugs, fighting, and prostitution are all things that take place on his vacant lot. Demeulenaere said he has contacted city officials, city council members, and police on multiple occasions about this issue. "This sign was kind of the last straw in frustration," Demeulenaere said. The property owner said no solutions or progress is being made and so he hopes to hand off the property to someone else. "We don't want to be a part of it anymore. We don't want to be associated or blamed for something we've tried so hard to stop." But many neighbors say the property owner could have handled it a different way. "You don't put something up like that. I don't care what neighborhood you live in," Taylor said.

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Steve D. is an uneducated fool, acting out like the children & uneducated low income renters from that crime ridden area. Steve is not sincere in what he speaks, definately does not follow through on his words.

It is not the job of the Police department to educate people. The problem lies within all levels of government. You want the "bad" people not to recieve "section 8 housing", find out where it starts, the city only does what government mandates & what people allow. Who out there knows who their legislative represenatives are? Who has communicated these issues to them? 

Which of these neighbors on Bever or anywhere else has calmly communicated to the owners of the rentals or owner occupied regarding their concerns????

I could very well go on & on, but I know what the answers to my questions are so I won't waste anymore time.

The next time the city has a "neighborhood walk", I suggest leaders of all city departments join in and co-mingle throughout the group, not just leading the way!


With all due respect to Phyllis, I disagree that it's not the job of the police dept to educate people, it most certainly is!!!  As with all professions with knowledge what we know is our responsibility to teach those that dont know or whom may not understand. In my opinion if the man  ( Steve ) is sincere or not, the problem of fights, shootings, Drugs and prostitution is in the area of Wellington Heights..Im sure this situation could have been handled differently, but this has brought up awareness to all of us reading these comments..I can almost guarentee that most of the folks living in that area are not going to do anything, and one might say well then its their fault, yes: true but it makes it the entire neighborhoods, city gov. and everyone who lives in this town their fault and their problem also, because it is allowed to continue ! Why because its in the Wellington Heights neighborhood, As I have heard before over and over the CRIME is down there S.E. Cedar Rapids, Wellington Heights, lets keep it down there, so it doesnt spread to other neighborhoods!!!   REALLY !!!


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I agree with linda, but think that it is really hard to fight a uphill battle and the stress of it all really just to much. So I just call the police if I see anything on my block.

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